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From our land to your table

Follow the scent of the most sincere and genuine products of Antica Drogheria Conte that bring to your table the Italians Products. We offer you a vast choice of typical Apulian products.

This selection of delicacies represents the exaltation of the  most famous Mediterranean cuisine in the world. Our desire is to share the richness of our places, which over the centuries have made Puglia a land to be savored down to the last bite.

Story of a family and its love for the lands of Italy

The story comes from my father and his family, who moved to Milan when he was still a child. Every summer during the holidays they returned to the village of origin, San Severo, where grandfather Salvatore (pa toto) used to take him to the countryside in the early hours of the morning, to tell him the secrets of harvesting and producing oil. They collected the olives and then took them to the mill for grinding and remained waiting with the most scrupulous attention. Until the most awaited moment of the morning arrived, the tasting, which had to be, as grandfather Salvatore always said, strictly on a slice of hot bread from the oven.

That child grew up and became a man who built his family in Rimini, passing on to me all his passion linked to our origins and it is precisely from here that Antica Drogheria Conte was born. From our 250 ultra-centenary olive trees in Lucera, on the table delle puglie, we produce the oil that we want to bring to your homes.

We select the best coffee and here we subject it to roasting. Our network of trusted producers allows us to bring the best of our land to your tables.

Discover with us the most authentic flavor of Puglia.

Nicole Conte

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